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Love Fan Fest 2019 was it a dream or did it really happen?

by ParadiseSubtext - julio 04, 2019

The attendees of the Love Fan Fest 2019 sure have been wondering just that question for a few days.

This edition has been even more exciting than the 2018 one (and that is saying a lot). The team behind the LFF works hard to ensure that after the weekend we left with a good taste in or mouth. The worst is that the Con goes by too fast.

When you are there, you feel at home, but also as if you have traveled to a magical world. Love Fan Fest lasts only three days, but it becomes a "spiritual retreat" of sisterhood, that fills your soul with an impressive warmth. It's not just that the actresses give the best of themselves to their fans (they really do), it is about the love you can feel among actresses, assistants, staff and volunteers.

In my life as a fan, I have witnessed many conventions in different countries and very few have make me feel something such what one can feel in a Love Fan Fest. In fact, I felt it last year, but that feeling has been deeper in the second year of the convention. During the whole Saturday and Sunday, one can see excitement in hallways full of lively queues, people going to the Photo Ops, or to the Autograph Hall, or attending to some Meet and Greet, or some of the other activities that presents this weekend full of emotions. But those same queues serve to meet new people and make new friends.

At the press conference, which gave the starting signal for my time at the convention, we could understand that the actresses came to have fun with their people (fans). Thanks to Meemoeder, you can see the video of the press conference at which we could attend and where the actresses answered our questions with pleasure and a smile on their faces.

And after answering all our questions, even they had time to pose funny at the Photocall, which ended the "private" moment with the press. You will see a small gallery of photos taken by me, and a video of our colleague Meemoeder.

As one of the actresses, whose name I will not reveal, told me in private; there are some conventions that one can feel much more like a business meeting, the actress do not feel quite good in such events.

However, the LFF is about deep feelings of a diverse community, respect and love among all the attendees. You do not see any rude gesture against you. It is so emotional, you feel so much respect and security that your mind starts to wander with the idea of keep living in a Love Fan Fest forever.

As a friend of mine remarked in a WhatsApp conversation, 
"I have not seen so many happy faces, full of hope and serenity in my life ... it was a three days bubble that really serves to heal the soul, to forget the bad from the outside, to share experiences ... Because we have all learned something from everyone "
It is much appreciated meeting with old and new friends. And when you see the members of the staff or the volunteers and they give you a knowing smile, you can realize that despite the workload and nerves, they feel just the same, one of the volunteers of the event told me:
"The work of the staff is amazing, I've been super happy of working with / for such team"
It is a very special experience that you should try. If you want a place where you can be accepted, that's the Love Fan Fest.

Although I focused on three special guests (Rhiannon Fish, Ivana Baquero and Isabella Gomez), every guest had something special to share heartly. With one of the actresses who I could share more time was with Ivana Baquero, who told me that we're going to watch the new season of Alta Mar before the end of the year (honestly, Ivana fascinated me with her sweetness, her kindness, her strength and her inspiring presence, but I know for sure I was not the only one who was fascinated by her). We hope to met her again in the future LFF, because she was really magical.

On the other hand, those who follow me on social networks already know that since last year (when I met her at Polaris 2) Rhiannon Fish became one of my weaknesses, and this time again she was so charming... Although there was a huge queue for her autographs and selfies, she always took time for her fans. I was able to attend to her Meet & Greet on Sunday and along with the rest of their fans we had a very interesting conversation, where we talked about politics, diversity, and where it was noted that she listened and learned from everything we told to her. We need to see more new projects because she deserves it for her personality and talent.

Isabella was also a discover, we joked (as I mentioned to her that I had a very strong crush with Justina Machado, who plays her mother in One Day At A Time) plus she looked quite happy for the renewal of the series and the possibility to continue fighting with the show for the LGBTx community, and certainly I wish her the best.

We could also see the panels of some Spanish fictions, such as "Salto sin Red", a show filmed in Granada, whose cast & crew explained to us how it is to do a project like this series at 0 cost, and also the famous SKAM show whose cast was the delight of their followers.
Another show I discover at the convention was the Brazilian series RED, I have to admit I did not know about it before the convention, but after seeing how brave Ana Paola Lima and Luciana Bollina and the rest of the team fight for this show, I have a huge desire to do a marathon.

Who has attended the Love Fan Fest and enjoyed as I did, you should comment and thank the LFF team at the social networks because they deserve to be congratute for their hard work which is not easy. Not everybody is able to work so hard for bringing to us an event so and so special that even the actresses cried so much or more than the fans at the Closing Ceremony, as you can see in the photos taken by our friend Sussi and that she shared on her Twitter account.

A video that I filmed in the Closing Panel:

As in every convention there will always be some incidences, most of the time it not even up to the organizers, as there many months of hard work and many unexpected things (how if it is not complicated enough to bring so special guests). No, there are many things behind. Sincerely, of every convention where I have been, this is one of the best I have been treated not only just as a fan, if not also as press. 

And the best part is that this energy of family and magic which we live in the Love Fan Fest 2, we're going to live it again on 2020. A new edition of the LFF has been announced (with dates)
and the first guest is our dear Wynonna Earp, Melanie Scrofano, who along with the rest of her fellow cast are in luck, because finally the struggle of their fans had the well deserved reward and the "Fight For Wynonna" who could been listened in each panel where Melanie, Kat or Dom participated during the weekend and which has been heard around the world it has been transformed into shouts of joy and celebration. In 2020 and we will watch new adventures of our favorite demon hunter gunwoman, her sister and the rest of the gang!

And if you still doubt about the magic of Love Fan Fest, here is the video that we saw in the Closing Ceremony ...


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